1. This has nothing to do with the movie poster above.
  2. I hereby announce that all views contained herein are solely my own except the ones that are not so nice. In case I do attribute any comments to another source, you are advised to not believe a word of it.
  3. I am known to be exceedingly facetious most of the time.
  4. Anything that I have to say is necessarily colored thru the prism of my personal experiences and as such might appear too narrow-minded/simplistic or overly complicated to the reader depending on his or her own prism. So bear with me as I navigate thru my thoughts.
  5. I promise to write in an extremely vain and profound vein with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humour. If you did not appreciate my use of  vain and vein in the same sentence, this is the start of your education.
  6. If you think I am not holding true to the values mentioned above, feel free to interject.
  7. If comments posted on my blog include internet speak such as lol or xoxo I will find out who you are and tell your parents.
  8. This is a blog for expressing thoughts. In case you were wondering, informing others of what you had for breakfast and where you are going to have dinner does not a thought constitute; this jibe is aimed at everyone who believes that mundane details of their daily life need to be broadcast to the rest of the world.
  9. I am not perfect; this is a pseudo-apology for the point I made above.
  10. I am either being profoundly serious or subtly funny. If you cannot make up your mind which, go with the choice that makes you feel better. This is entirely consistent with a greek school of philosophy. I am not going to tell you which one.
  11. If despite my best assurances you are offended by my utterances I suggest you develop a sense of humor. It will easily add years to your dull and depressing existence on this planet.

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