More about me (who else?)

Some background to allow you to gain some insight into my character. Hardship builds character apparently. I grew up in a small village (Jyotisar) few clicks north of New Delhi, India. Now when I say village, I really mean a village as in no plumbing, spotty electricity, having to poop out in the open type of village. For a little kid the last activity I described was probably not a hardship except on days when one’s stomach turned against oneself. Imagine having to run to get to the designated grounds lest the not so unthinkable happened. On the other hand the food was positively brilliant and one of the shining saving graces of my existence back then. This had the effect of undoing all the positive character development that should have been mine. Any flaws that you see in my character today are a direct result of eating sumptuous food day in day out for a big part of my life. Food was not the only good thing however, sleeping in cots (made by my grandpa) on the roof, sky teeming with stars in the night unspoiled by light and air pollution, climbing trees in a small forest near our house, swimming in the canals with other kids and cows and cattle, the taste of water from our hand pump, going to the fields perched precariously on a cattle driven cart, wheat harvest, rolling around in mountains of hay, crying about the skin irritation that resulted from the preceding activity, listening to stories narrated by my grandpa to me and my cousins, all day excursions on Sundays to nearby villages to play cricket tournaments, were some of the other joys of my idyllic childhood. I recall many a night lying awake in night just gazing at the stars. This was not out of choice though. My sleep or lack of it was punctuated with incessant buzzing of those most useless of all critters — mosquitos. I hated mosquitos with a passion back then and was always thinking of ways to escape the vile creatures. And that started me on a long trek which led me to the present day where I am blogging from the comforts of my house in Portland, Oregon. My existence here is in stark contrast to my childhood. What’s interesting is that a lot of the natives here are quite enamored with my homeland. That thought led me to start a blog (there is no connection between the last two statements, I just said it to sound clever). The blog’s moniker is clearly deserving of an explanation. Here goes:

Global should be obvious since I have spent a considerable time living in two very opposite parts of the globe. The term pundit has a somewhat pejorative connotation. In my not so inconsiderable opinion the main reason for this is fox news. Pundit is a Sanskrit term literally meaning “learned”. So I can lay claim to be a global pundit purely because of where I came from and where I came to. Now you might say that that’s not a very unique qualification considering my homeland is teeming with people and most of these people are looking for ways to leave. In other words there are many millions just like me (I do have a PhD so that shortens the odds in my favor). Well you are right but there’s such a thing as patent law. And according to that if you are the first one to tell everybody about something its uniquely yours. So more power to me suckers.

Here’s a solemn oath to put you at ease: I promise to educate, entertain, inspire, provoke and dazzle in equal parts. But mostly I hope you get a laugh out of it. I love english language and have always been fascinated with cleverly written prose and play on words in general. I sincerely hope that some of that love will shine through here.

P.S: Punditry is distinctly overrated as republican mouthpieces like fox news have proved time and time again.


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